Independent Living Institute

CEIL: Contribting to Equality from Independent Living

The Contributing to Equality from Independent Living (CEIL) project seeks to transfer information between organisations of older persons and organisations of people with disabilities. Examples of the information to be transfered are reading packages, guidelines for holding seminars and study visits, presentations of the Independent Living philosophy and approach, as well as guidelines and technical assistance for preparing feasibility studies.

The two-year project (2002-2004) was funded under the European Union Community Action Programme To Combat Discrimination 2001-2006





Lead Partner: Asociación Iniciativas
y Estudios Sociales (Initiatives and
Social Studies Association), Spain:

Independent Living Institute (ILI), Sweden:

Disability Now (DN), Greece:

Disabled Peoples' International (DPI), Italy

AUSER, Italy

Logroño Sin Barreras, (LSB), Spain

Confederación Española de Organizaciones
de Mayores (CEOMA), Spain:

Advisory Partners

Istituto Nazionale Riposo e Cura
Anziani (INRCA) Italy:

European Older People's Platform:

European Network on Independent Living (ENIL):


Report from the
Institute for Independent Living in Sweden, 2003-05.